Saturday, February 28, 2004

New tactic! I've decided to offer Read-e for free (for home use), if the user agrees to allow AR to share the use of their processor. "Eh?" I hear you say. Well - I have several projects that could do with some serious processing power. e.g. using a genetic algorithm to solve optical character recognision.

The user would be asked if they want to share their CPU's unused processing time. If they agree they get their nagscreen removed. I predict that within 2 years, I could have the equiverlent of around 0.5 Tflop/s - 1 Tflop/s of processing power at my disposal for spawning my ocr algorithm. That would place it in the top 200 supercomputers today. Of course More's law suggests that this will be the power of the average PC in 15 years or so. So I'm saving myself 10+ years, or £200,000 (cost of buying that kind of power). It would however only really be useful for genetic algorithm prosessing.

This also means that nobody gets grumpy about having to link to my site in order to use the software (I still think this is more than fair, but some have complained that it is too difficult for some users, thus excludes them from the "free" offer).

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