Sunday, February 15, 2004

Well the OCRing is going slow, decpite a week of solid slog, little progress made and lots of useless code created. But some progress has occured.

Something strange has cropped up this week though. It turns out I have a stammer. The JISC mail Dyslexia forum has been discussing stammers and dyslexia recently. This prompted me to mention that I occasionally get stuck midsentence and repeat words. I never saw this as a stammer, as I don't uncontrolably repeat parts of words (as with the stereo typical notion of a stammer). None the less, I am told this is a stammer that is simply controlled well. This prompted me to ask my folks if I had speech problems as a child. It turns out that my father (also dyslexic - but well compensated) had a stammer as a child.

I'm now adding it to my list of topics to research WIHTT.

Please do get in contact if you have any info on this topic of dyslexia and speech problems.

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