Friday, November 14, 2003

Outright winner for today is http://home.clara.net/ghrow/subjects/dyslexia.html. #1 result for "dyslexia links" on Google and others. And not without reason. A little out of date, a fare number of dead links and the webmaster's email link doesn't work, yet still the best private links page I can find on dyslexia. Someones put a lot of effort into the page, and they deserve the 9/10 rating and 5/5 for compatibility with Read-e

Very good for ALL interested in learning more about:
Other WWW pages on Dyslexia
News Groups
Dyslexia:- Basics, definitions and digests
Dyslexia resources - Organisations,
Dyslexia resources - Bibliographies, and Archives
Dyslexia resources - Software
Dyslexia Research - Conferences, Research projects etc
Approaches to Dyslexia
Individual Items on Dyslexia
Special needs Education in General
Pointers to General Disability Information
Pages which refer to this one if their authors are interested in this their pages may be of interest to you...?

Monday, November 10, 2003

The day has finally arrived. I'm now embarked upon my trec through the big wild web, to find useful dyslexia, LD, reading, and other such related sites. Today is a bit of a slow start, but its a start.

I'm attempting to go through the first 600 results for the following search queries:

visually impaired

Yes that's 3000 sites I'm going to traul. But even at ten a day, I should get through the lot in a year.
I'm hoping the get done by Christmas.

1 A systematic review of all results for the search queries choosen (see above);
2 Rate compatibility with Read-e out of 5 (5 = perfect 4 = minor problems 3 = Read-e is still useful 2 = very annoying lack off tags and accessible pages 1 = not accessible via Read-e);
3 Rate the site;

So far, out of 15 sites, 14 scored 5/5 for compatibility and 1 scored 4

The highest scoring site(s) (compatibility x genral rating) of the day will get special mension. Today's is http://www.dyslexia.org/

This is a bit of an infomercial for Reading From Scratch, but for once the product sales pitch comes second, to info about dyslexia, and the science behind the service being addvertised. It's in non-patronising, yet easy to understand language. It is likely to be of interest to parents, dyslexic adults, and educators/teachers/theropists of all sectors. Give it a look!

general score for the site: 9/10
compatability with Read-e text to speech browser: 5/5

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