Saturday, August 23, 2003

Another week passes with me trapped in the toils of app dev and testing. Instines For Networks now has a few new tricks up it's sleave, which should be useful for users trying to screen large numbers for dyslexia.

A VNCesque virtual CCTV sister app. helps a supervisor watch the screens of the subjects sitting a test. And an assistance request button, helps keep the supervisor on top of things from one location.

I'm still working (build 89 at the mo) on making it as simple to use and install as poss, whilst also keeping it happy on all windows versions.

I've also increased stability on Win 2000.

Fingeres still crossed for seeing the end of IFN dev. in the week to come, and getting stuck in to some nice web research and promotion.


Sunday, August 17, 2003

Although work has been pretty rewarding and productive for me recently, It's all but killed my blogg!

Luckily it looks like the light at the end of the tunnel is fast aproaching for the Techy work that I've been emerced in. So fingures crossed, I'll set to with the web review I promiced many moons ago, within the next week or so (although I've said that before).

Read-e now has POP status on www.Download.com due to 7 very positive user ratings:


It is currently rated as 5th ish in the Teaching Tools catagory. Not bad for a few weeks work.

Which is all pretty encouraging :)

I'm also chatting to a very enthusiastic, out of work, dylexic programmer, who may turnout to be an ideal partner in crime. Even if he doesn't, I'd imagine his expertese will be put to good use sometime soon on Read-e, Instines and/or our sites.

I'll let you all know more when I do...

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