Friday, July 11, 2003

Blogs and knowledge.

Like many, I'm finding the whole blogging thing quite exciting, whilst realizing it could turnout to be as usful as a ringtone by your favorite band. However, I'm optermistic. The more I look into the possibilities, the more fun I have playing with them.

It is extremely easy to make bloggs accessible. They are mainly text script, of variable formality. Complete literary freedom. Something I feel I have benifited from previously in life, when keeping an electronic journal. You can have FUN! For we dyslexic folk, 'fun' and 'writing' very rarely coinside.

They also have that slightly voyeristic quality that society seems to be adopting at the moment (Big Brother style people watching), which often helps minorities (exerbitionist alcoholics, in the case of Big Brother) feel a little more normal.

There is a stunning resourse about to be released, which will provide open blogging, wikis, forums, surveys, articles, reviews and contact directories ALL ON ONE SITE!!! All for free, with no adds and no corperate agender. I have been told to keep it fairly quiet until it is released. So I can't tell you much more now, but please stay tuned, as it is easily the best use of emerging IT I've seen!

Sorry to sound so mysterious, but I'm duty bound.

One I can talk about is dyslexics.org.uk

Easily an 8 1/2 out of 10. Lots of good facts and pointers. However, if I had a critisism, it would be that I found it very hard to read some of the smaller italic text and hyperlinks, without using Read-e

Still, a great sight! Check it out.

Back with more when I have it,

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

A good day today. I've spotted more sites popping up re adult dyslexia. They're still a little fresh so I'll wait till they're more established before linking to them. Had a few good emails with customers, colleagues and friends. AND managed to get some good coding done! WOW.

The network version of Instines is nearing full release at last. I've also had a great idea about a new product. The AI is limited, but it will be a very useful tool. It will also be my first which does not have anything to do with dyslexia. Which I'm not feeling to bad about, as it will help me sell my products, and thus help dyslexics :) Logic you can't argue with.

Anyway, as much as I'd like to I can't really discuss much of today here. So not much point me carrying on.

Back tomorrow

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